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[26 Aug 2004|07:05pm]
Jobs for your LJ Friends by brianwarnersgrl
are you sure you want to know?
ok this person is a hooker:genocideskin
this person is a wrestler:satyriasis
this person is in a famous band:amandainok
this person is the singer of that band:mikefireball
this person will be the future president in 2026:__bulletxkisses
this person is a babymaker:the_surly
this person is a drug dealer:dejaxentendu
this person is a stripper:hey_you_suck
and of course we all knew they would be a nunsagesoul
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cam whoringnesssss [08 Aug 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

teehee....I dunno how I managed to make my room look like a dressing room, except for the trolls and stuff in the background... XD

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[14 Jul 2004|03:26pm]

Find out who has a crush on you!
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hmmmmm....ok then [10 Jul 2004|09:46pm]
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...unique
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[03 Jul 2004|11:31pm]

        Happy Birthday, Blue!!  (corny, yeah, I know. sue me)

Everyone go to kissmeimacr4cka 's journal and wish him a happy 21st!

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bwahahaha [02 Jul 2004|11:00pm]
Who is your eternal friend?
LJ Username
Political Leaning
Your Eternal Friend is: genocidalcoma
You will fall in Love with this person: FALSE
This Quiz by fairymayr - Taken 1997 Times. </a>
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hehehehe that is so awesome! <3
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[02 Jul 2004|12:07am]
stolen from...oh, who cares?Collapse )
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[01 Jul 2004|11:47pm]
For anyone who cares, I've created a new journal...this one is still going to be used and updated, but used more for quizzes and the like. My new LJ is madame_ophelia

The new one is going to be my more personal journal...feel free to add me, I'd love it!
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[17 Jun 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I have a poll-type question for all ya guys...

Is it common/required for you all to try to get as far as you can with a girl the first time you meet her? Is there some sort of rule for it, or what?

I'm just curious. Indulge me, please?

In other news, the dress I wore last night to the club met with rave reviews...I stood out like a sore thumb, but it was awesome..a yellow/green glow in the sea of black. :D
I wish I had pictures...maybe next time I wear it, I'll convince my friend to take some shots.

Anyhoo....I'm goin back to bed now. Yeaaah.

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bleh. I'm sick :( [15 Jun 2004|03:33am]
BlehCollapse )
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[13 Jun 2004|07:58am]
[ mood | blah ]

*sigh*Collapse )

Whatever's bolded is how I'm feeling right now...I only wish I had someone to share it with.

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do YOU have an illegal alien? you know, like someone from Neptune... [11 Jun 2004|07:47pm]
Amy's bits are best described as her "dampened vessel".

What's yours? Enter your name:
Privates Eye

Apparently, my Japanese name is: 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations) go figure...or something. Yeah, I'm out of it.
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[31 May 2004|02:01am]

 Type your username with your:

nose: treenday4ever

elbow: grtferendfay45rreverrf

tongue: grenday4ever

chin:fsdd nczhy4redrft

feet: greendaYT4efvedr

eyes closed and one finger: feeebdar4evef

back of my hand: breeexfcsx4 bdrtg

palm: gtrrerenmerqayu4rev b3

wrist: fcedwrwrfgvaH41414441N

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[30 May 2004|01:03am]
[ mood | fucked up ]

I had a whole fucking entry ready to post, and it errored and died. so fuck it.

I hate my life...anyone want to take it away from me? I'd love ya. Please....help....

I just wish I didn't feel so EMPTY. I can't even cry anymore. I can't feel anything....anything but empty.

Fuck this...I'm out.

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for mi other journal [24 May 2004|12:02am]
faeriepoetess may actually be a spider-human hybrid


From Go-Quiz.com
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[23 May 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

greenday4ever is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


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Yah [21 May 2004|11:35pm]
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Comment with the value [20 May 2004|11:32pm]
0= I don't know you
1= I like you
2= I love you!!
3= You are funny
4= You are cool
5= I don't really care for your personality
6= I want to fuck you
7= You are sexy!
8= You have a nice body
9= I want to get to know you
10= I hope you die
11= Marry me, PLEASE?
12= Wanna have sex later?
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[18 May 2004|10:33pm]
Ok, here goes....updateyness.

I spent the weekend *or most of it* in NY. It was fun. I need to go back, sometime kind of soon. Once I have money. Which might take a while.

....Oh Yeah... Fuck that train and bus shit. Next time I'm flyin'.

Ok, I can't think any more...off I go. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Oh happy day...oh, wait...not it isn't. [11 May 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So it's officially my birthday, by the time I get to postin' this, anyway. And I'm crying. Go me.

Just one more day...one more day. I think I can handle that. I hope.

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